Music is for sharing, right? And, needless to say, we love music. So, here again, we’re going to share that love. In no particular order, wrap your lobes around some of these gems from the music underground…

The Field: Cupid’s Head (Kompakt)

The Field- Mix 'n' Sync Blog

Axel Willner has had it rough. It can’t be easy being an excellent electronic/techno producer who’s also the go-to darling of indie kids who want to name-check someone who operates without a guitar. You tend to get sneered at by both worlds in the end. That said, he was always come up with at the least, engrossing and emotive albums, even if none have ever really hit the heights of 2007’s “From Here We Go Sublime”. Until now. Cupid’s Head is definitely Willner’s best album to date. Check it out.

Buy Cupid’s Head here


Stillsuit: Stillsuit (self-released)

stillsuit - Mix 'n' Sync BlogIntense, claustrophobic, repetetive noise-punk from Oakland, California. Elements of krautrock… certainly reminds us of excellent equivalent Japanese noise trio Nisennmondai. Download for free from their website or buy on vinyl.



 Tim Hecker: Virgins (Kranky)

Tim Hecker - stillsuit - Mix 'n' Sync Blog


Tim Hecker has made his new album “Virgins” available to stream for free at NPR Music’s website. Go have a listen to one of our most anticipated albums of 2013 (it will be available to buy on 14th October).





James Holden: The Inheritors (Border Community)

James Holden - The Inheritors on Mix 'n' SyncIt’s been around a few months now but James Holden’s follow up to ‘The Idiots Are Winning‘ gets better with every listen. 2nd album syndrome? The 7 year wait has been well worth it.


Le Carousel: Le Carousel Remixed (Phil Kieran Recordings)

Le Carousel - Le Carousel Remixed (Phil Kieran) - Mix 'n' Sync Blog

We didn’t speak about the original album when it came out and we should have done. Le Carousel from acclaimed Techno producer, Phil Kieran is great. It’s emotive electronica that helps us to dream. Nevertheless, the remix album, with sublime work from the likes of Ivan Smagghe, Max Cooper and David Holmes, is out now. And it’s great too. We’d urge you to listen to this. This is Forget Me Not from the original album:

And Andrew Weatherall’s remix of Lose Your Love:

And finally…

DJ Fresh & Mindtunes

Sometimes you come across videos that can simply lift your day and give added inspiration. Here’s one such video. Mindtunes is a track made by 3 physically disabled music fans, using only one instrument: their mind. Produced by Drum and Bass legend, DJ Fresh. Here’s the mini-documentary.

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