At Mix ‘n’ Sync we pride ourselves in keeping well up to date with the evolution of music and culture. And, two new  electronic genres that have been growing from strength to strength and setting dance floors on fire are Trap and Moombahton. What the flip is this you ask? Well, as we’ve recently signed Rebel Sonix, a production collective that are pioneering these sounds in the UK, we thought we’d get them to explain.

So, over to Larry, from Rebel Sonix

We have been playing a lot of Trap and Moombahton music lately, music which has its origins in the US. Coming from the UK, we are used to being the innovators of Electronic music but our friends on the other side of the Atlantic are doing a pretty good job of that themselves lately.

Trap is the collision between Hip-Hop and Dance music. Its music that has the black and white kids raving under the same roof on the same dance floor. Its Dubstep without the competition to make the most offensive noise and with a large dollop of 808 bass and drums.

This is a fascinating documentary on Trap Music and its origins from Mad Decent home of Diplo, Major Lazer etc….

Moombahton is the lovechild of Reggaeton, House music, Dubstep and Dancehall. Spawned by Dave Nada playing Dutch House at 110 bpm to try to get round Djing to a bunch of Reggaeton fans armed only with Dutch House records, its a big melting point of styles and sounds.

Here is a piece in the Guardian about how Moombahton came about in more detail.

At Rebel HQ we have been producing a lot of Moombahton and also have a few Trap tunes ready to drop soon!


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