MnS continued its creative collaboration with the world’s leading conservation charity the WWF (that’s the World Wildlife Fund, not the lycra clad muscle mary’s of wrestling fame) in providing music for their groundbreaking event Pandamonium.

Curated by Artwise, Pandamonium challenged leading contemporary minds from the art, fashion, and design worlds to create wearable sculpture, expressing the breadth of work WWF undertakes and the challenges we face. MnS were taksed with providing music that complimented the sculptures during the catwalk routines as well as providing the musical backdrop for the event as a whole.

MnS duly took up the challenge by providing the right musical fit for each sculpture and routine and by driving the show and event forward. Large bids were placed for the sculptures by the attendees in a silent auction.

Comments about the music and MnS process:

“Thank you so much for being such brilliant stars for us during Thursdays event at Pandamonium.  You were absolutely amazing and your timing impeccable.  We will look forward to working with you again.” Susie Allen, Founding Director, Artwise.

“Mix ‘n’ Sync, What can we say – stunning work yesterday.” Georgina Bridge, Head of Design, WWF-UK.